Each person has a different type of face; if what you are looking for is to choose the right haircut, it is necessary to know what your type of face is, it can be, for example, oval, round, rectangular, etc. Why is it necessary to know this? Because the idea is that the hair guides to cover some of our “imperfections” and also highlights the aspects that we like about us. Today we will give you some tips of haircuts for girls with round faces.

1. Curtain bangs

The idea is to provide your face with some verticality; to achieve this, we suggest you wear curtain bangs, and the length of your hair can be what you decide, very long or short hair; that is, we leave it to you.The bangs will help your face look a little longer and allow your features to look thinner.

2. Waves

This type of hairstyle will delight you; the large waves with lines in the center help to lengthen, define, and stylize the features; therefore, they are ideal for girls with a round face. The idea is to wear wide waves, a hairstyle that we like for a meeting, a party at night or an interview.

3. Pixie

Do you think that by having a round face, you cannot use short hair? Well, we have good news, of course, you can use it!What we try is to increase your features, and for that, you should use a pixie that you can comb from one side, you have to achieve a somewhat “casual” effect, nothing as if it was just out of the hairdresser.

4. Straight hair

There is no way to stay straight, long, and well-groomed hair, and we simply love it! Straight and very long hair will also help to achieve elongated features. It is a hairstyle that does not go out of style. So you know, to take out the iron because you will need it.

5. The importance of color

Because in addition to the cut, there is something that will also help you to lengthen your face: color. That is why it is important that if you decide to change the cut, you can also take advantage and change hair color.

Blondes and light colors, in general, tend to stylize the features. Therefore, it would be fit to clarify your hair a little; if you are a woman with light skin, try blonde hair, but if your skin is brown, you can lighten your hair one or two tones, only with that you will achieve changes, you’ll see.

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