If we talk about men’s fashion, it is necessary to mention the ties. These classic accessories have been following men’s shirts and suits for centuries, so we cannot visualize an outfit full of style without the presence of a tie.

Therefore, we share some points that you must take into a record to correctly choose your ties, they are simple tips that will give you many points, and you will look excellent.

1.- Design.

The classic never fails, so the initial suggestion is that you choose ties with a lined design, which are the most traditional, those of diagonal lines are the most sought after because they give more elegance and importance. However, subtly patterned ties for use with neutral-colored shirts will also favor you.

2. Placement and appearance

This point is essential. It would help if you took care that your tie does not pass the waist of the pants, nor peek its ends above the belt, the widest part should always cover the narrowest part, hold it every time it moves. Also, perfectly adjust the knot of your tie so that the top button of the shirt is not visible, and take into account that, if the collar of your shirt is small, the knot should not be so large, and vice versa.

3. Strong colors

Intense and bright tones, such as red and purple, are perfect for outgoing and impressive personalities; they are widely used in corporate or political events.

4. Purple colors

On the other hand, lighter or softer tie tones, such as pink, lilac, or pastel, are linked with creativity and solidarity, are usually dressed in conferences or corporate events to convey confidence.

5.Black color

The black color can denote, generally, seriousness and care; however, in the subject of ties, it is advised that you use it only for a cocktail or luxury meetings, in the work of preference not, because it can fall into the superior. How about wearing a gray tie with a pastel shirt better, you’ll look sophisticated and pretentious.

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